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The Phillie Phanatic told The Today Show his (not high) opinions of other mascots

Philadelphia's furry green creature showed up on Today on Friday where he was asked something very simple: "Who is the best mascot?"

It seemed understood by all that when posed to the Phanatic, the question was rhetorical. But to gauge just how much better than the rest he considers himself, the Today crew presented him with images of five others and solicited his opinion. His verdicts can be viewed below:

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Based on the best interpretation I could muster, the summation of his thoughts regarding his peers was as follows:

  • Wally the Green Monster: "No way."
  • The Oriole Bird: "Booooooooo."
  • The Angels' Rally Monkey: "Double facepalm."
  • The Sochi Olympics Bear: "You're crazy for even asking."
  • Mr. Met: "So terrible he deserves to smell my body odor."

The ruling is in: The Phillie Phanatic is the best mascot and everyone else is terrible, according to the Honorable Judge Phillie Phanatic.