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Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy caught a home run while on air (and threw it back) UPDATE: And it was just returned to him

6/27 -- MLB announcers can usually be found in their broadcast booths, which tend to be halfway up the stands and directly behind home plate -- in other words, prime foul ball territory. But an announcer ever catching a home run is an absurd notion and a complete impossibility, right?

INCORRECT. Every once in a long while, broadcast teams venture elsewhere to call a game, like the Phillies announcers did on Friday from the center field bleachers. Every once in a shorter while, Freddie Freeman hits a home run in that direction. The two converged to produce the extremely improbable sight of Philadelphia announcer Tom McCarthy catching a home run ball, on the fly, in his first baseman's glove while on the air:


To top it off, McCarthy played the role of the hardened bleacher denizen perfectly, throwing an opponents' homer ball back:


Anyone want to bet on whether this will ever happen again?

UPDATE -- 7/22 -- After a city-wide search, it turns out Phillies ballgirl Jordan Bondrowski wound up in possession of McCarthy's souvenir, and was kind enough to track him down to return it on Monday. McCarthy was pretty stoked, saying "that is going to be something I'm going to cherish for a long time."

Bondrowski got a replacement ball autographed by her favorite Phillie, Chase Utley, so it sounds like everyone ended up happy: