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Phillies bullpen forgets to hang up the phone, gives dugout the ol' busy signal

Phillies bullpen forgets to hang up their phone

If baseball has taught us anything, it's that a bullpen phone can lead to all kinds of shenanigans -- some intentional, some, uh, not. 

But in the annals of the game's telecommunication weirdness, we feel comfortable going ahead and calling what happened during Tuesday night's Phillies-O's game a first.

After position player/secret strikeout artist Jeff Francoeur had loaded the bases in the eighth, Philadelphia manager Ryne Sandberg decided to make a call to the bullpen. Francoeur had actually put in a valiant performance, striking out one batter in his two-inning stint. However, he was starting to tire and seemingly was in need of some relief:

"He knew I was getting tired," Francoeur said. "He didn't want me to blow out or hurt for the rest of the season. But like I said, that was just enough. I don't think I could have done any more."

So, Sandberg made the call -- or, he would have, if the Phillies bullpen had remembered to hang up the phone:


We're a little disappointed that the towel waving worked as a means of communication, if only because there's a good chance "Ryne Sandberg sprints out there and makes a literal house call to the bullpen" was coming next. 

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