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Phillies fans want to trade the Phillie Phanatic for Mike Trout

Phillies fans want to trade the Phanatic for Mike Trout

Few mascots in professional sports are as universally recognizable or as proficient with a hot dog cannon as the Phillie Phanatic. In his 36 years of existence, the Phanatic has entertained hometown crowds, enraged opposing players and antagonized a manager or two. But, for all his on-the-field success, the being from the Galapagos Islands has never managed to post a WAR figure greater than 10. Or above any mark, for that matter, because he doesn't have thumbs and isn't legally able to be in a Major League Baseball lineup.

That last stipulation might serve as part of the reason that Phillies fans are yearning to acquire the services of Angels outfielder, and Philadelphia-area native, Mike Trout. Over Memorial Day Weekend, a broadcast on a local sports talk radio show included a heated debate about the pros and cons of sending the Phillie Phanatic to Anaheim in exchange for Trout. 

On one hand, Trout received a warm welcome when the Angels rolled into Citizens Bank Park earlier this season. That, plus his 19.7 WAR in his first two seasons demonstrate that he could be a valuable asset to the Phillies. 

On the other hand, he probably doesn't have a noisemaker blowout for a tongue, so ... what would be the point, really?

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