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Phillies pay tribute to the Little League World Series' Taney Dragons

The Taney Dragons stole our hearts this summer. The first Little League team from Philadelphia to reach the Little League World Series, the club was led by Mo'ne Davis, the first girl to ever throw a shutout in the qualifer. Using a 70-mph fastball and a Kershaw-ian curve, she then became the first girl to throw a shutout in the actual tournament. Along the way, she challenged Clayton Kershaw to a pitch off. 

On Wednesday, the Phillies honored these ballplayers with a pre-game parade and ceremony that featured both Ryan Howard and the Mayor of Philadelphia. The kids then took a victory lap through the stadium, soaking in the adulation of the city.

While that was surely an honor, the real highlight came later. For that's when the team got to dance with the Phanatic.

Taney Dance

That puts them on par with Benjamin Franklin. And he was a Founding Father: