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Check out this Mets fan's amazing Jacob deGrom jack-o-lantern

Check out this amazing Jacob deGrom jack-o-lantern

There is art and then there is Art. 

The Mona Lisa is Art. 

Lisa Frank is art. 

"Armageddon" is Art. 

"Deep Impact" is art. 

But all of them pale in comparison to this pumpkin of Jacob deGrom and his amazing hair. I mean, just look at the beautiful, feathered Farah Fawcett-esque hair that has been carved into a pumpkin (or should I say deGromkin?) and the ears that look like human ears! Every time I try and carve ears into a pumpkin, they look like poorly drawn triangles attached to some sort of circular object. 

Honestly, the only way you could improve this Mets pumpkin, would be to somehow incorporate Bartolo Colon's swing, David Wright's tongue and Mr. Met's sheer essence. Sadly, it is highly doubtful that any mortal artist is capable of creating such a work. Of couse, you could also just use these stencils that the Mets have kindly provided for you. You know, either or. 

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