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'Band of Bearded Brothers': Aztec Gino gives the Red Sox his blessing

Celtics superfan Aztec Gino has been a Beantown b-ball fan since 2008, but with the Red Sox finally making it back to the ALCS, Gino felt the need to give Boston's baseball team his blessing.

"I've attended a few games, but this is special," Gino exclaimed. "This is the pennant. This is the best team in Major League Baseball. This is the best fans in the nation."

Postseason baseball can be a pretty tense time for fans, but Gino's not worried:

"[The] Detroit Tigers made a mistake to come to Red Sox Nation. They are going to regret this because Big Papi and the band of bearded brothers will take them down. I'm not concerned and neither are these fans."

Gino's a wonderful specimen of #FANtasking excellence, but he's missing one thing: a beard. Not to fear, though -- he's got a plan for growing one:

"When we clinch this series and we appear in the World Series, I might have to do that."

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