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This $14,100 baseball glove is this season's hottest fashion accessory


You're probably most familiar with Hermes as a high-end fashion brand, but now they're branching out into sporting goods.

What you see above is the Homerun: a hand-stitched, gold swift calfskin baseball glove. Retail price?


That's considerably more than the professional-grade gloves used by Major Leaguers (which typically run in the $200-$500 range) but, of course, those gloves aren't hand-made with France-sourced leather by Hermes craftsmen.

While the $14,100 price tag might seem like a bit much to you and me (and Keith Hernandez), surely there are people out there who would be interested in this luxurious mitt.

Like this guy, for instance:


(h/t Marketwatch via Hardball Talk)