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Throwback Photo of the Day: Honus Wagner fishing on the side of a waterfall

Throwback Photo of the Day: Honus Wagner, coolest

Here in the baseball blogosphere, we throw around phrases like "coolest human being on the planet" and "I wish this guy were alive today to teach me how to fish" a lot. Too much, maybe -- because every so often, we will stumble across a photo like the one above and it all gets put into perspective.

Let's just break down this photo of Honus Wagner from 101 (!) years ago:

1. He's wearing his full Pirates uniform.

2. He's wearing a coat that would fit right in with Burberry's 2015 collection.

3. He's fishing, one of his many non-baseball hobbies.

4. He's walking on what appears to be the edge of a cliff, directly across from a waterfall.

5. He clearly knows how great he looks fishing, because he has a photographer present to take a picture.

Yeah, at that precise moment Honus Wagner was the coolest human being on the planet and I wish he were alive today to teach me how to fish.

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