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Joe Maddon invited a rainmaker to the clubhouse ... so of course it starts raining above the Trop

Photos courtesy of Tampa Bay Rays

When he's found his team in a funk, Joe Maddon has invited an eclectic mix of visitors to liven the Rays clubhouse. Last year the manager brought in a DJ; a magician; Mindy the cockatoo; the penguin duo of Cliff and Shelly; a merengue band; and Asia, a massive, 20-foot python. The pregame diversions provided a spark, and the Rays righted their season, reaching the playoffs for the fifth time in six years.

So with the Rays in an extended funk, the skipper sought help from a higher calling. Joe called upon The Rainmaker: Bobby Henry, a 77-year-old medicine man from Tampa and an elder in the Seminole Tribe.


"I guess this guy made it rain in Tampa in the mid-80s at some point, so I guess he's got some supernatural powers," Maddon said before the game. "If it rains in the Trop, I'll be really impressed. That will be his best moment ever."

No sooner than Desmond Jennings stepped into the box for the team's first at bat did the sound of driving rain against the stadium's dome and thunder begin to echo around the stadium.

Doppler radar provided further confirmation.

There you have it. The Rainmaker made it rain, because of course he did.