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Lorde finally met George Brett last night in Las Vegas

The saga of Lorde and George Brett first began in November when the singer-songwriter declared that her hit single "Royals" was inspired by a photograph of a Kansas City Royals player that she stumbled upon in an old issue of National Geographic.

Despite baseball's growing popularity in the Oceania region, the New Zealand native didn't know the player's identity until National Geographic located the picture in question a month later. Turns out, it was a 1976 still of third baseman George Brett.

So, of course, Brett hooked Lorde up with an awesome autographed jersey when her concert tour swung through Kansas City last month. Unfortunately, he wasn't in town to present the gift in person:


Then on Tuesday, worlds finally collided. Lorde, fresh off a Coachella performance, was playing at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Brett flew into town with his wife and some friends to catch the show. Afterward, he and Lorde finally met for a brief chat and a photo:


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