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Potomac Nationals to give away an ultra-realistic Jayson Werth bobblebeard this weekend

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Always wanted to stroke Jayson Werth's beard, but were unable to because of decorum and the fear of a restraining order? Have no fear, the Potomac Nationals are here to help.

Beginning on Friday, the Class-A Nats are hosting the Beard Olympics, by far the greatest athletic event that's happening this week. (Assuming there's not, like, some huge worldwide tournament that comes along every four years.) 

The weekend will feature an opening beardamony, a beard parade, the lighting of the beard torch and Beard vs. Food among other equally beardtastic events. But the highlight of the whole Beard Olympics comes on Saturday when the P-Nats hand out the Jayson Werth "bobblebeard."

It's a feat of bobblehead ingenuity, requiring not only a realistic sculp of Werth's face, but facial hair that combines both the fierce strength and the soft silkiness of his beard. I mean, just look at how far bobblehead science has come since the Brian Poldberg mustache bobbler of last year: