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The fan who caught Mike Moustakas' ALCS Game 6 homer is now a jack-o'-lantern

Royals fan who caught Game 6 HR now jack-o'-lantern

There are many ways to achieve immortality through art. You can be sculpted, like George Washington, or painted, like Whistler's mother. If your name is Joey Bautista, you can be tattooed onto someone's body forever.

But I'm sure we can all agree that the greatest form of artistic expression, and therefore the one we'd all most like to be captured in, is pumpkin-carving. Again, just look at Joey Bats' example:

But you don't have to be a baseball player to get the jack-o'-lantern treatment. Sometimes, you just have to be a baseball fan. Remember Caleb Humphreys? He's the guy who caught Mike Moustakas' ALCS Game 6 home run:

And thanks to Morgueco Cortez, a Blue Jays fan who is obviously the Van Gogh of gourd-carving, he's also been immortalized in this incredible pumpkin art:

Happy Halloween Blue Jays Fans #CalebHumphreys #GoJaysGo #ComeTOgether

A photo posted by Morgueco Cortez (@themarcocortez) on

Who knew you could pull off shading on a pumpkin? Put this in the Metropolitan Museum of Art right now. 

h/t: Kansas City Star

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