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Can you decode the message hidden in Marcus Stroman's hair?

If "National Treasure" taught us anything (besides the fact that Sean Bean doesn't die in every movie), it's that clues are hidden everywhere. "Clues to what?" you might ask. To which we say: To who has the best hair of the postseason! Pretty sure that's what Nic Cage found on the back of the Declaration of Independence:


But how can we really know for sure whose postseason hair is the greatest? We've already seen some wonderful entries, and it's near-impossible to find an objective answer. Thankfully, during Game 3 of the ALCS, we found a message hidden in Marcus Stroman's hair:  


What could it possibly mean? Sure, it could simply stand for the 5-foot-8 starter's personal slogan, "Height Doesn't Measure Heart." But it could also mean "Here's a Dope, Magnificent Haircut," which would pretty much answer our question and probably keep us from scaling the Liberty Memorial to find out if there's some kind of note about Jarrod Dyson's 'do on the top:


After a 11-8 victory, the Blue Jays have one win to the Royals' two. R.A. Dickey will look to even the score in the next game, and we're pretty sure his long locks contain secrets of their own. Look for them in ALCS Game 4 on Tuesday afternoon on FOX Sports 1 in the U.S. and Sportsnet in Canada. Air time is 3 p.m., ET; game time is 4 p.m., ET.