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Facial Hair Watch: Tim Lincecum shaved his mustache!

Facial Hair Watch: Tim Lincecum shaved his mustache!

Already the greatest uniform-trading, manager-impersonating, sunflower-seed-eatingno-hitter-throwing sonuvagun on the West Coast, Tim Lincecum set his sights on the mystical world of mustachedom this spring. 

Arriving for photo day with the very start of a crumb catcher, the hope was that through sheer grit and determination, Lincecum would give birth to a Tom Selleck-level mustache by the end of the season. 

Lincecum mustache

Unfortunately, the dream died on Sunday when Lincecum shaved off the "caterpillar," returning to the boyish face that we all know and love. And even though the mustache left this earthly plane far before it's time, we'll always remember the joy and happiness it brought to our lives. 

Rest in peace, Lincestache. 

In Memoriam

But have no fear, mustache enthusiasts! Like a farmer clearing his field before the next planting season, Lincecum only shaved the mustache to allow for a fuller, thicker one in the future.

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