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Photo of the Day: Cal Ripken Jr. has a word with the other Iron Man

Marvel via Twitter

Cal Ripken Jr. visited Marvel headquarters on Monday, presumably so he could let Tony Stark know once and for all who the real Iron Man is.

Well, maybe that wasn't the whole reason, though surely this photo was taken after the superhero graciously agreed to go by the more accurate "Scrap Metal Man" instead:

Ripken was most likely at Marvel in connection with a series of films the comic book company is creating with ESPN.

So, we can assume we'll soon be seeing a film about a young Cal Ripken, Jr, a technical whiz who graduated from MIT with two master's degrees before the age of 20, built a suit of armor, and teamed up with Avengers Jim Palmer and Eddie Murray to win the 1983 World Series, saving earth from an alien invasion in the process. 

That sounds accurate, but I guess we'll have to wait for the movie to find out for sure.