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Photographic evidence that J.P. Arencibia is a once and future Oriole

Image via J.P. Arencibia on Twitter

Some of us believe in free will, that our choices and actions have an impact on what happens to us in life. Others believe in fate, that the courses of our lives are predetermined and unaffected by our human endeavors.

Thursday afternoon on Twitter, J.P. Arencibia submitted evidence for the fate argument.

(Hint: He's not the one with the sideburns and sunglasses. We think.)

Though the Orioles have not confirmed and the contract remains unfinished, Arencibia reportedly signed a Minor League deal with the team Thursday that could include an invite to Spring Training. Now, after four seasons with the Blue Jays and one with the Rangers, Arencibia is on the team that he has been destined for since his childhood -- perhaps birth. We're still waiting for Arencibia to tweet the corresponding prophecy laid out when he was but a boy. 

As for what position fate will have the previous catcher/first baseman/DH Arencibia play with the Orioles, might we suggest sending him to the mound: