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Here are 13 animals that really wish they could play baseball

It looks like animals love playing baseball too

Baseball is a game best played outdoors, and so on occasion, some non-human members of the animal kingdom make their way down onto the field of play.

Are they hungry? Are they big fans of MLB? Or do they just, like all of us, really wish they could play baseball professionally?

We think it's that last reason -- and we've got a lot of evidence to support that thesis.

For example, this dragonfly fancies itself a great hitter. Unfortunately, it swung and missed on this Chris Capuano offering:


How quick is this bat on the basepaths? It'll steal home before you even realize it:


If you want an intimidating presence in the on-deck circle, Cubs fans can attest to this cat's reputation:


This possum will do whatever it takes to make the play -- even climb an outfield fence:

Really, all possums have a deep passion for the sport -- this one wants to pitch in relief for the Athletics:


And this one just wanted to display its great feel for the shortstop position:


But if there's one animal that wants to play baseball more than any other, it's the squirrel. This one is not afraid to go over the tarp to make a play:


And here's a squirrel that's clearly showing off its speed for any nearby scouts:


And some squirrels can even outsmart current Major Leaguers:


Really, any squirrel you see on the field could fill in a lineup slot without much issue. Especially the most famous squirrel of all:

But animals don't just want to play baseball in the Majors -- they're happy to do it anywhere. This bear seemed perfectly content to join an American Legion game in Alaska:

And this dog thought it was a defensive substitute in an NCAA Tournament game:

But this dog loves the bat-and-ball game so much, it was perfectly happy to play some center field for its local softball team. It even remembered to get a glove:


All of these land-loving animals feel very passionately about baseball, but if you're looking for on-field success, you might want to look for a fish to help your team: