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The D-backs unveiled their new uniforms ... and they're bringing back the teal

D-backs embrace teal with new-look uniforms

Don't you miss baseball's good old days? Specifically, the ones when you could see grown men proudly wearing the kinds of bright colors usually reserved for stickers of dinosaurs and dolphins? You know, like this: 


Well, don't worry. On Thursday night, the D-backs unveiled a lineup of new uniforms, and they're updating the teal for our less Lisa Frank-inspired times by including it as the trim on the home and road alternates:

Wish there were even more alternates? Don't you worry, the D-backs have red alternates:

And black alternates:

You may have noticed the unusual pattern on the shoulders. Take a look at it again on the home uniform, where it also repeats on the back of pants:

There are diamonds on the back! Get it? Because they're the Diamondbacks. Feel free to tip your new-look cap to them for that one:

If you want to wear your own excellent visual pun, pick up a jersey over at the shop, and rejoice that the era of teal is upon us again. 

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