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The 11 best signs trolling Hunter Pence, ranked

Ranking the best signs trolling Hunter Pence

While in New York, Giants outfielder Hunter Pence ran into some Mets fans who really, really wanted to troll him. They came to Citi Field prepared with many sick burns to deliver, all of which were neatly printed onto neon posters.

Here are the best they came up with, ranked of course:

11. "Sorry"


Either he's apologizing to the batter for taking a hit away, or to the ball for being struck really hard by a wooden club. Really, all this shows is that Pence has a really good heart. 

10. "Express"


There is, in fact, no legal definition for how many items to which a supermarket must limit its "express" lane. Perhaps Pence's local market is 13 items or less? Or even 15? Actually, if it's 15, that just makes him rather courteous.

9. and 8: "Baths" and "Bacon"


These two are pretty excellent troll signs, but get docked points for excecution (White signs? How gauche.) and for being copycats.

7. "Parking"


Well, then he fits into New York perfectly, AMIRITE!?

6. "Shuffle"


Full disclosure: I can't shuffle playing cards either -- at least not in that fancy way riverboat gamblers do it. So, this one hits a bit too close to home.

5. "Winter"


OK, now we're entering social pariah stuff. Not liking Game of Thrones? That's a pretty tough accusation. It's a good thing Pence plays in San Francisco, because if they heard that in San Diego, he'd be in trouble.

4. and 3. "Ketchup" and "Pizza"


Oh yeah? Well Danny Tartabull eats donuts with a fork:

2. "Sideways"


No, no, no. That's not okay. Subs are measured in feet and inches for a reason.

1. "Godfather"


Nobody likes The Godfather: Part III. Nobody.

Of course, Pence has his own ideas for what might make a good sign:

Have your own sick burns for some #HunterPenceSigns? Tweet 'em at us @Cut4.

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