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Liverpool vs Manchester City in the Bronx: a Red Sox-Yankees proxy war

Soccer comes to Yankee Stadium

The rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox is one of baseball's most fierce and historic battles. In fact, it has grown so large that it cannot even be contained to just baseball.

In 2010, Red Sox owner John W. Henry purchased Liverpool FC, a soccer team in England's prestigious Premier League. Just a few months ago, the Yankees entered into a partnership with Premier League club Manchester City FC to purchase the newest franchise in Major League Soccer: New York City FC.

Coincidentally or not, Manchester City won the Premier League title last season -- beating Liverpool for the top spot by just two points.

So, it's not entirely out of line to suggest that when Liverpool and Man City faced off at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday as part of the International Champions Cup, the Red Sox and Yankees were (sort of) facing off too.

But while the MLB clubs had their allies squaring off on the pitch, their fans in the stands were more than happy to intertwine. In fact, each Premier League side has quite a few supporters who wear a different color in MLB:

And Yankee Stadium (particularly the bleachers) was far more red than you'll ever see it again:



Some of that has to do with Liverpool's captain, Steven Gerrard. Gerrard grew up a Liverpool fan, and has played for the club for his entire career, much like Yankee captain Derek Jeter. Gerrard's introduction to Yankee Stadium featured the type of applause usually reserved in the Bronx for Mr. November -- he's every bit as important to the club:

While the support for Liverpool was vast, the Manchester City fans were treated to a great first-half show from their team, who had 12 shots while Liverpool had just four.

But despite the dominance of Man City, the game remained tied 0-0 at the half. James Bond and Austin Powers were stressed:

The teams traded goals in the second half, and by the end of the 90 minutes, the score was all tied up at 2-2. From there, it was a penalty shootout -- one which Liverpool won handily, sending the Reds and their fans home happy in something of a "walk-off."

Something fans in the Bronx are pretty used to seeing:

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