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Warm your heart and improve your health with David Ortiz's 11 best hugs

Warm your heart with David Ortiz's 11 best hugs

Hugs are not only fun, but they can also lower our chances of heart disease, help us deal with stress and even beat depression.

No one is better at these giving these life-saving giant bear hugs than David Ortiz. He loves hugs so much that he wrapped his arms around Munenori Kawasaki in the middle of the game on Tuesday night.

David Ortiz

In the interest of improving your mood and immune system, here are 11 of Big Papi's best embraces: 

Is David Ortiz hugging a corpse?! No, it's just Koji Uehara, powerless in Ortiz's muscular forearms! 


Hey David, did you just fly in and your arms are tired ... from hugging? Ha ha ha!

David Ortiz hug

You know what's better than two friends hugging? Two friends hugging and laughing! 

Ortiz and Manny

Hey David, you do know how to hug, right? (Of course you do! Judging by all the other 'correct' hugs on this page!)

David Ortiz

Did you know that you can also get a great workout when hugging a friend? Goodbye, gym memberships, hello hug memberships! 

Ortiz Ciriaco

These hugs are so soft, you'll fall fast asleep.

Papi sleep

103-year-old Gertrude Moore only wanted a hug from Big Papi. You better believe she got that. He's a non-stop hug machine. 

Papi and Moore

Even Jon Lester's son wants a Big Papi hug. Just look at Lester, his eyes are burning with jealousy. He wishes he could have a Big Papi hug too. 

Papi and Lester

Probably because these hugs are so tender.

Papi tender

Ortiz will especially hug you if you're a man in a fashionable hat.


What's that?


That's Steven Tyler, frontman of Aerosmith, performers of such songs as "Dream On" and "That Song from Armageddon?" 


That's definitely hug-worthy.

Papi and Tyler

And if you're the President, forget about it, you're getting hugged: 

Obama and Ortiz

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