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Pirates and Brewers get in altercation after Carlos Gomez triple, bat-flip

While you were busy hunting for eggs or showing grandma how to send Easter Sunday selfies, the Brewers and Pirates got into a bit of an altercation. Let's review the action from Sunday:

Carlos Gomez, no stranger to fracases, hit a long fly ball to center field. The Brewers center fielder thought he had enough for a home run and began admiring his work. Alas, the ball bounced off the wall and Gomez hustled into third for a triple:


After he did, Pirates starter Gerrit Cole had some words regarding the outfielder's trot out of the batter's box:


Gomez didn't take too kindly to this, and neither did his Brewers teammates:


Umpire Fielden Culbreth tried to separate the madness:


But eventually, players (including the Pirates' Travis Snider) got through:


Soon, both bullpens, coaches and umpires were involved:


benches cleared

The entire sequence lasted about five minutes. Gomez, Snider and Milwaukee's bench coach Jerry Narron were all ejected. The Brewers won 3-2 in 14 innings.

Cole said after the game that he's fine with batters taking time to admire a clear home run, but that doing so for a hit that stays in the park was over the line:

"I grabbed the ball from Harrison and I said, 'If you're going to hit a home run, you can watch it. If you're going to hit a fly ball to center field, don't watch it.'"

Gomez said that the bat-flip was not the result of him thinking he'd hit one out (he claimed was trotting because he thought it'd be a fly-ball out). But he also said that if you do something good you deserve to celebrate it, and called out the Pirates for doing the same even as they criticized him:

"Tabata hit a double. Pimped it. We don't do nothing. McCutchen did it yesterday. Russell Martin did it, it went out. What'd we do? We didn't do nothing. We respect that. You win? Okay, enjoy it. We hit a double, we hit a triple, they get mad? I don't think it's fair. I'm not apologizing for nothing that I did today."