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Pirates clinch 'Back-to-back Buctobers' with victory over Braves

Pirates clinch Back-to-back Buctobers with victory

After breaking their 20-year playoff drought last season, the Pirates decided to start a new streak when they clinched "back-to-back Buctobers" with their 3-2 victory over the Braves on Tuesday night.

 It was an outcome that didn't look very likely at the start of the season as the Pirates were 12-20 on May 5th with only a 6% chance of reaching the postseason. Since then, the Pirates went 74-51 including a torrid 15-4 mark in the month of September to lock up a spot in October. 

After recording the final out, the Pirates outfielders took a moment to reflect on the season that was: 


Because once they made it to the clubhouse, it was a madness. Clint Hurdle asked for the hounds of hell and got it:

As did this Pirates broadcaster. I wonder if his dry cleaner can get ten bottles of champagne out of a wool suit? 


When it was time to interview FUTURE ANDREW MCCUTCHEN, decked out in CYBER GOGGLES, Tony Sanchez grabbed life by the horns and drank deep: 


And when things finally settled down a little, Andrew McCutchen puffed on a celebration cigar while Francisco Liriano released some pent-up ... "feelings."


With five games remaining on the season and the team only 1.5 games back of the Cardinals in the NL Central, the Pirates could end up with one more celebration before the postseason even begins. 

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