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Samuel Deduno eats necklace, throws strikeout, experiences facial spasms

Pitching is hard. Pitching well is harder. With that in mind, we've come to expect strange behavior on the mound.

On Monday, Samuel Deduno struck out J.B. Shuck while chomping hungrily on his (Deduno's, that is) necklace. This brought us fond memories of candy jewelry, the greatest elementary school party favor of all time -- which, holy Shuck, you can apparently buy in bulk on Amazon?

But this facial expression, from Mike Trout's at-bat in the same inning, has us puzzled.


Is Deduno ...

  1. Preparing to throw a pitch with his tongue (forever redefining the term "spitball")?
  2. Communicating his catcher via oral semaphore?
  3. Trying to get some peanut butter unstuck from the corners of his mouth?