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Pirates bring the postseason, PNC Park brings the noise

Parts of PNC Park shook when the final out was recorded by Pirates closer Jason Grilli in Game 3 of the NLDS on Sunday.

The fans obviously felt it. The players felt it. And Grilli noticed another demographic feeling the Buccos' energy: The media.

"If you can't feed off what this crowd is bringing to the table, than I don't know," Grilli said after the game, as reporters scribbled his words onto notepads. "Look how fast you're writing."

If it seems like the Pirates fans have grown louder as the season has gotten deeper, that's because they probably have.

"It could be too much," Grilli said. "Do you use it? Yeah. Is it a variable? Absolutely. I feel like I could lift up my hummer with the adrenaline that's flowing, so you have to slow it down a little. You have to take it in stride and try to use it to your advantage."

Andrew McCutchen made a prediction: PNC Park would be even louder on Monday, when the Pirates, up 2-1 in the series, have a chance to clinch a spot in the NLCS.

"These fans haven't seen postseason baseball since 1992. They're going to be loud," he said. "It's expected for them to come out and be hungry to see a winner."

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