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How should the Yankees get to Citi Field for the Subway Series?

The Yankees head to Citi Field Friday evening for the second and final Subway Series of 2015. Both New York clubs are in line for the postseason, and this is the first time the two teams have faced off in September. So, yeah: High tension in Queens this weekend. But before either team even thinks about what's going to happen on the field, the Yankees have a simple question to answer: How are they going to get to the game?

They call it the "Subway Series," for a reason, but the subway isn't the only way to get from Yankee Stadium to Citi Field. In fact, it's not even the fastest way to travel from one stadium to the other.

"I just found out that the Express doesn't really happen or something after 10 in the morning, at least on the 7, so I took the local. Goodness. That took forever," Brendan Ryan told's Grace Raynor, after taking public transportation to Friday's game. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the subway, but sometimes you just want to get in a car and drive straight to your destination, warp-speed-engage style. Perhaps some members of the Yankees feel the same way, "Subway Series" or not.

So, we ask you: How should the Yankees get to Citi Field? Check out their options and vote in the poll below:


Time: 50-60 minutes; Cost: $2.75


It takes a little less than an hour to take the subway from Yankee Stadium to Citi Field, depending which lines are taken, how many transfers you have to wait for and how long you spend listening to the buskers playing jazz covers of Alanis Morissette songs. The MTA recommends taking the 4 Train from the Bronx and transferring to the 7 Train at Grand Central, so the Yanks can get to Flushing with just one swipe of their MetroCards. Fun fact: The 7 Train was rated one of NYC's best subway lines -- so enjoy the ride through Queens, Yankees.  


Time: 2 hours; Cost: $5.50

The bus will take the Yankees double the amount of time as the subway did, and they'll have to switch buses a couple times which'll cost them two fares, but hey, at least they'll have cell phone service above ground.


Time: 29 minutes; Cost: $39.20

If the Yankees are running late and don't have time for public transportation, maybe they'll want to hail a cab. Once they flag one down, it'll only take a cool half-hour to get to Citi Field, according to HopStop's estimates -- but it'll cost them $39 plus tip. Time is money, gents.

Drive themselves

Time: 16 minutes w/o traffic; Cost: The emotional anguish of driving in NYC


I've lived in New York City for roughly three years, and I have never driven a car inside the city limits. I don't think I have the mental constitution to survive the experience. If any Yankees fans feel like getting behind the wheel themselves, it's allegedly 15 minutes between stadiums, without traffic. But those last two words are quite the caveat, and again: Is it worth it?


Time: 3 hours; Cost: The energy it takes to walk for 3 hours

The nine-mile walk will take the Yankees through Randall's Island Park, but after more than three hours they might be too tired to even think about playing baseball. Or, it could be a good warm up. 


Time: Unknown; Cost: Probably a lot

I have no idea how long it'd take to fly, either by airplane, helicopter or blimp, from Yankee Stadium to Citi Field. But I bet it sure would be fast.