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Poll: Just what was Yasiel Puig doing with his face in his glove on Wednesday night?

Poll: Was was Puig doing with his face in his glove?

Never one to take anything lightly -- whether it's running the bases, flipping his bat, or throwing runners out -- Yasiel Puig took his inability to keep a runner at second base especially hard on Wednesday night. After Paul Goldschmidt tagged up and took third base on a fly ball to Puig, the right fielder was seen burying his face inside of his glove. It even led the peerless Vin Scully to say, "They run on everybody, pal. You don't get 'em all." 

But was that why Puig hid his face in his glove? That's where you come in, dear reader. With the power of crowdsourcing, we may finally have our answer. Take our poll and let's get to the bottom of this. 

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