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Oakland's Rally Possum has appeared once again, and it's taken residence near the foul pole

Another possum shows up near foul pole in Oakland

When last we left the Marsupial Formerly Known as Rally Possum, it was seen revisiting some old haunts, making the same trip to the bullpen that had so thoroughly inspired the A's down the stretch last year. But as it is with all visionaries, there comes a time to push one's boundaries and explore creative capabilities. Sure, Rally Possum could continue to hold court in that same patch of foul territory, dooming every Oakland opponent to crushing defeat, but where would the satisfaction be in that?

So our hearts were filled with pride during the A's 9-2 loss to Baltimore on Monday, as the possum appeared to have moved up in the world -- all the way up the outfield wall, to be precise:

Oakland possum

The poise under pressure, that steely gaze, the ability to balance on top of a fence -- it's clear that Rally Possum has graduated from the role of "scrappy rookie" to "seasoned veteran presence." We have but one question: We're sure that possoms don't eat chinchillas, right guys?

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