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David Price's glorious arrival in Toronto has been delayed ... due to car trouble

Price has car trouble en route to Toronto

David Price was traded to the Blue Jays on Thursday, and while he was excited about playing for his new team, he wasn't in too much of a rush to hit the road:

Once that was finished, however, he gathered his things and began to make the journey to our neighbor to the north.

He hyped the fans up, first:

And his new teammates:

And set off -- only to encounter some vehicular difficulties while en route on Friday. Not only did he have car trouble, but there was some other ... shall we say ... gastrointestinal distress as well:

You hate to see that. And, even when the repair truck arrived, things didn't get much better:

But, after a quick plea for help on the Dan Patrick Show, assistance was on the way:

And his car -- apparently a Jaguar XJ named Jenny -- is now on the mend:

Don't worry, Jays fans: He'll get there. Eventually. Until then, all he has is our sympathy. And, well, the mirth of former teammates:

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