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From Prince Fielder to Homer Bailey: The 10 best baseball names in baseball

Photo via Zimbio

10. Nick Swisher (Indians, 1B)

Nick Swisher

Swish: the sound of a bat whipping through the air. By name alone, Nick would've made a great basketball player, too.


9. Mike Minor (Braves, SP) - Tie

Mike Minor

See also...


9. Brandon League (Dodgers, RP) - Tie

Brandon League

Appropriately, League -- previously of the Blue Jays and Mariners -- has played for both NL and AL teams.


8. Tommy Field (Angels, SS)

Tommy Field

Honorable mention: Astros pitcher Josh Fields.


7. Scott Diamond (Twins, SP)

Scott Diamond

What would a field be without a diamond? (Thanks, Twitter!)


6. Charles Brewer (D-backs, P)

Charles Brewer

Though Brewer is the first-ever native Arizonan to be drafted by and debut for the D-backs, we kind of hope he'll find his way to Milwaukee.


5. Clete Thomas (Twins, RF)

Clete Thomas

If the shoe fits.


4. Homer Bailey (Reds, SP)

Homer Bailey

Homer probably isn't the best name for a pitcher -- especially one who's thrown two career no-hitters -- but we'll allow it.


3. Josh Outman (Rockies, P)

Josh Outman

Now that's more like it.


2. Prince Fielder (Tigers, 1B)

Prince Fielder

World Series champion Cecil Fielder passed down more than just his ball-smashing skills to son Prince -- he also gave him the perfect last name for a first baseman. We're already rooting for third generation of All-Star Fielders.


1. Grant Balfour (A's, RP)

Grant Balfour

I think you see where this one's going. Can we get to work on drafting a hitter named Strikethree?