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Prince Fielder lays down the first bunt single of his career

Prince Fielder lays down his first career bunt single

Oh, springtime: When a young man's fancy turns to laying down bunt singles against the shift. 

Facing off against the Angels on Tuesday, Prince Fielder was presented with a wide-open hole down the third-base line. With 288 career home runs to his name and nary a bunt single in his 5,790 plate appearances, the Angels probably thought they had nothing to worry about. 

Turns out they did. Fielder showed perfect, Juan Pierre-esque form when he dropped this one down before burning for first: 

Prince Fielder

Of course, you really shouldn't be that surprised by Fielder's speed as he booked it down the line. While Fielder is roughly the size of an Alaskan grizzly, before a neck injury cost Fielder most of last season, he had played in at least 157 games in every season since 2006, stealing at least one bag in every one of them. 

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