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Prince Fielder's amazing All-Star triple as it was meant to be seen -- in GIF form

In what was arguably the single greatest moment of a singularly great All-Star Game, Prince Fielder hit a leadoff triple in ninth. Yup, that Prince Fielder.

The larger-than-life first baseman was jogging to first when he saw Carlos Gomez miss his attempt at a diving catch.

Prince Fielder

Boom. Watch Prince suddenly kick it up to turbo.

Prince Fielder

With all the unlikely grace of Dumbo taking flight, the 275-pound Fielder rounded second at top speed. Will he make it?

Prince Fielder

Without a moment to spare, Prince slid safely into third. It is medically impossible to see his reaction and not feel happy.

Prince Fielder

We're with you on this one, Mo.


-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

(GIFs by Ian Kay)

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