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Question of the day: Who goes to Hall in 2013?

Now that Barry Larkin has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, many fans already are looking to the future in Cooperstown -- and specifically the star-studded and star-crossed Class of 2013 candidates.

Ballot newcomers will include Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling and Sammy Sosa. Holdovers will include Jack Morris (who received 66.7 percent of the required 75 percent this year), Jeff Bagwell (56.0), Lee Smith (50.6) and Tim Raines (48.7). Returning members of the 500-home-run club include Mark McGwire (19.5) and Rafael Palmeiro (12.6).

Today's question: Who will be elected in 2013?