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R.A. Dickey hung out in a fighter jet at a Canadian air show, entered 'The Danger Zone'

Ironically, knuckleball pitcher R.A. Dickey has the need ... the need for speed.

Dickey recently stopped by the Canadian National Exhibition on a Blue Jays off-day to hang out with some pilots and sit in an F-18 that will be on display at the Canadian International Air Show in Toronto.

A Canadian news crew caught up with the knuckleballer, who was simply in awe of the machine.

"The thought of controlling something that's seemingly uncontrollable. It's just a lot of power, and it's also such a feat of human ingenuity to put together an aircraft that flies in the air at these speeds. It's something to marvel at. I just grew up wanting to be a pilot. I wanted to fly planes. Of course, my journey took me another route ..."

Ha, the knuckleballer said "controlling something that's seemingly uncontrollable." No wonder he likes jets. Also, "another route" is a very polite way to talk about your career, especially when you've got a Cy Young Award on your mantel.