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This opossum would like to join the Oakland A's and we should let it

Opossum sighting at the Coliseum spurs A's to victory

It's official: Opossums just want to play baseball. At least two have already been spotted this year, one at , one at Phillies Spring Training and another at a Minor League game in Iowa.   

But the opossum at Monday night's Rays-A's game is ready for the Major Leagues. As you can hear in the video above, it already has its own walkup song. The opossum enters to MGMT's "Electric Feel" before scampering through foul territory and off the field:  


I vote that we open the league to nocturnal mammals. There's nothing in the rulebook that says an opossum can't play baseball! Or are you just afraid that your team might get beaten by a marsupial? 

Plus, this particular opossum allegedly spurred Oakland on to a tenth-inning victory over Tampa Bay. Even players think it should be allowed to join the team: 

"He's been out here before when we're warming up," said starter Jeff Samardzija. "We're going to have to give him a name or a jersey."
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