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Rally Squirrel returns, attacks Phillies dugout, helps Cardinals score all the runs

Rally squirrel attacks Phils dugout while Cards score

On a chilly night in October 2011, the Phillies and Cardinals squared off in a classic NLDS game. Roy Oswalt was on the hill for the visiting Phils and was handed a two-run lead before he ever had to take the mound. But in the later innings ... things took a turn.

A squirrel ran across home plate as Oswalt was set to deliver a pitch to Skip Schumaker. The umpire called it a ball, despite pleas from Oswalt and then-manager Charlie Manuel for a "no-pitch."

The Cardinals went on to win Game 4 ... and Game 5 ... and then the NLCS ... and eventually the World Series. This Rally Squirrel thing had legs.

Fast forward to Friday night. Yadier Molina and the Cardinals have the best record and baseball and are visiting the Phillies (who don't). But, it would seem that the Cards didn't want to take any chances because they brought the Rally Squirrel with them.

The Cards were already up 4-0 in the top of the second inning when the squirrel began to scale the net behind home plate.


Eventually, it fell onto the top of the home dugout before throwing itself into a host of players.

"When I saw it in my face I just brushed it away," said Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera, who was near where the squirrel jumped into the dugout.


Suddenly it was 11-0. Just like that. Things eventually calmed down and the Cardinals never looked back, but Phillies fans will probably be seeing that squirrel in their nightmares for the next few days.

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