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Randy Johnson says fans are more impressed by the time he killed that bird than his 5 Cy Youngs

Johnson: fans ask about dead bird more than awards

Five Cy Young Awards, 4,875 strikeouts, a 2001 World Series championship with the D-backs and one of the most impressive bodies of work ever accumulated by a pitcher ... and all anyone asks Randy Johnson about is that time he killed a bird with his fastball.

By now you've surely seen the footage of the fateful day in 2001 when a pigeon swooped down into the hazardous space between a mound occupied by The Big Unit and an MLB strike zone:


Johnson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday and he addressed the media after the decision had been announced. He was talking about interacting with fans when he confessed that outside of the '01 World Series, it's the dead bird they ask about the most frequently.

The Big Unit is now a photographer and his company logo pays tribute to the bird:


Also, if Google returns 1.28 million results for "Randy Johnson bird." It returns 504,000 for "Randy Johnson Cy Young." The more ya know ...

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