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The Rangers draft a bespectacled, shoeless Dillon Tate fourth overall

Rangers draft a shoeless Dillon Tate fourth overall

Dillon Tate, taken fourth overall by the Rangers out of UC Santa Barbara, was the first pitcher selected in the 2015 MLB Draft. He was also, as far as we can tell, the first player to learn of his selection while not wearing any shoes:


Shoes? Who needs shoes when you're headed off to play professional baseball?

Tate probably won't go barefoot on the mound, but let's hope he goes bespectacled. Because the list of players to don glasses at the pro level is woefully short, and Tate's are positively spectacular:

If that wasn't enough to endear Tate to MLB fans everywhere, he's also the highest Draft pick ever from the Urban Youth Academy.

And if you're wondering about tools: Scouts grade Tate's fastball at 70, his slider at 65 and his Michael Jackson karaoke performance at a perfect 80:


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