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Rays introduce DJ Kitty mascot, automatically becoming the Internet's favorite baseball team

During Sunday's home game against Cleveland, the Tampa Bay Rays introduced a new mascot: DJ Kitty, who you might recognize from his starring role in a Rays JumboTron video that went viral in 2010.

The feline MC's first real-life appearance at Tropicana Field was a resounding success, and clubhouse insiders report that the visitors' dugout may even be converted into his very own super-sized litterbox.

Raymond, the team's primary mascot, isn't going anywhere. He and DJ Kitty will work together Homeward Bound-style.

As much as we love cats (which is a lot -- we love them a lot), doesn't it seem like the Rays have overlooked a more obvious choice of mascot? After all, the team was officially known as the Devil Rays until 2008 -- though their namesake, admittedly, isn't the cuddliest creature around.

Devil Ray

We're clear on DJ Kitty's species, but Raymond is a ... what, exactly? With an ambiguous blend of manatee, walrus and canine features, he's basically MLB's answer to Gonzo. The Rays' in-house cryptozoologists explain that Raymond is properly known as a "seadog."

We know that bringing a new baby home can cause jealousy, but we love you just as much as ever, Raymond. You're our big boy now. Besides, if anyone should feel threatened by DJ Kitty, it's the D-backs' Baxter the Bobcat.

Watch your back, Bax.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

(Image via Pro Divers)

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