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Jacob Bauers gets caught in a rundown, attempts to stop, drop and roll his way to second

Rays prospect takes a tumble in Fall Stars Game

The rundown -- baseball's existential abyss. A baserunner without a home, surrounded by hostile forces beyond his control. Retreating is not an option. Safety is futile. 

He's faced with two options: Bow out gracefully, accepting his fate as we all inevitably must. Or he can look into the abyss, shrug, do a somersault and see what happens. Rays prospect Jacob Bauers is the latter kind of man, and during the Fall Stars Game on Saturday, he would not go gently into that good night:

Bauers somersault

Successful? Perhaps not. But here's to you, Jacob Bauers, for showing us all the meaning of courage/whimsy under fire.  

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