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This Twitter love story culminated in a Fenway Park wedding

At first, they only knew each other as the Twitter handles @Esenay24 and @Jacody4. The offical Red Sox Twitter wished the former a happy birthday in August 2011:

And the latter responded like so:

Thus began a love story that wouldn't have been possible without social media, or baseball, for that matter. Shannon Armitage and Cody Anderson are both diehard Red Sox fans, and from that initial interaction, the two began a Twitter friendship which eventually developed into a full-blown, IRL, relationship. It all came together on Friday, when this happened:

Having the ceremony on this particular day at Fenway was especially appropriate for a number of reasons. The game was against the Brewers, a rare Interleague opponent who were also the visiting team on Illinois native Anderson's only previous visit to Fenway. (He attended that game with his father, from whom Anderson learned to love baseball and the Red Sox.) Anderson's jersey number in college was No. 4, and the date was 4/4. And oh yeah -- it also happened to be the game the Red Sox held their ceremony for their 2013 World Series title. Hence the #DoubleRingCeremony hashtag.


The Red Sox sanctioned the nuptials at their "chapel":

Which provided its own "groomsmen":

The ceremony itself took place in the right-field stands:

After which husband and wife made their way to their seats:

There were even some Red Sox celebrity guests:

Congratulations, Shannon and Cody!


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