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Red Sox install rooftop garden in Fenway, earn hipster card

Red Sox built rooftop garden in Fenway

Fenway Park remains one of baseball's timeless gems. Sure, you can put seats on the Green Monster, but Pesky's Pole and those funky sightlines will live for eternity. But the game's oldest stadium is still so beloved because it has a way of adapting with the times, and now Fenway has gone full 2015: The Red Sox just opened a rooftop garden behind the facade down the third-base line, which they'll use to grow vegetables and herbs to be used in food sold in the park. 

The garden's produce will vary with the seasons, featuring everything from green beans to cucumber to eggplant. (Also broccoli, but seriously, gross.) It will be used to help reduce the energy used by the buildings below it, and classes will be held to teach kids about eating healthy.

And, if nothing else, this has provided us with an excuse to remind everyone about that time former Sox bullpen/pitching coach John Cumberland (supposedly) decided that he could break the curse of the Bambino by growing some tomato plants behind the bullpen mound.

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