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A California church congregation booed a Red Sox scout after the Pablo Sandoval signing

Gary Hughes is a scout for the Red Sox, but he goes to church in northern California, where people have some pretty strong feelings about the Giants. Specifically, they're a little sore about a certain third baseman:

According to, when there were only rumors about the Red Sox's interest in Panda, Hughes' parish priest suggested that he might have broken the seventh commandment:

"I think you need to go to confession,'' Father Ron told Hughes on one occasion. "You're trying to steal something.''

But once Sandoval signed with Boston for sure, the gloves came off. Father Ron told the congregation that a certain person in their midst was to blame and let the booing commence. But Hughes did get a little support from someone: 

One little kid turned around and whispered to me,'' Hughes said, "'I'm a Red Sox fan.'''

h/t: Hardball Talk