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Red Sox trick rookie Bryce Brentz by 'ruining' his first-hit baseball

Red Sox trick rookie by 'ruining' first-hit baseball

On Wednesday, Red Sox rookie Bryce Brentz slapped a pinch-hit double in his first Major League at-bat. As was foretold in baseball legend, the Sox made sure they held on to the ball Brentz knocked into left field so that he could have it always.

When Brentz found the sentimental souvenir in his locker, he realized that Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo had written a note on it ...

And ruined it with a bunch of mistakes.

The markered message/elaborate prank featured some erroneous details and x-ed out words.

Brentz smiled through the pain of thinking his coach had trashed his first-hit ball for a little while before the Sox revealed the truth -- they swapped out the actual commemorative ball just to make the rookie sweat a little. 

It's not easy being the new guy.

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