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Reds fan's dog is wholly uninterested in Reds game, would just like that hot dog, please

Dog eyes owner's hot dog at Bark in the Park night

Bark in the Park nights are pretty much the best. Not only do you get to take in a ballgame, but you get to do it alongside man's best friend. A win-win, really -- if you're a human, that is.

But what of the dogs? Sure, they appreciate your complimentary doggie uniform, but still: They're forced to spend hours surrounded by a buffet of ballpark delicacies that remain tantalizingly out of reach. Behold the struggle of one such pup at Wednesday's Dodgers-Reds game, whose dreams of hot dog deliciousness were cruelly extinguished: 

Hot dog dog

Hang in there, buddy. He'll have to turn his attention back to the game at some point, and the half-eaten meal will be yours. 

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