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Reds manager Bryan Price got tossed on Saturday ... before the game even started

Reds manager Price ejected before game starts

Armed with new pace-of-play initiatives adopted this past offseason, MLB is focused on reducing the average time of a game in 2015, and things seem to be going well so far. Not wanting to rock that particular boat, Reds manager Bryan Price has modified his strategy accordingly -- rather than disrupt Cincinnati's game against the Indians on Saturday, he decided he'd get himself tossed before it even started.

Price apparently wasn't happy with the strike zone during Friday night's contest, and when he walked out with his lineup card prior to first pitch the next day he let crew chief Jim Reynolds know about it. And know about it, and know about it:

Bryan Price ejection

The discussion lasted for so long that Indians manager Terry Francona even had to walk into the middle of things at one point -- first pitch was closing in, and Cleveland starter Corey Kluber needed to start throwing some warmup tosses. Can't we all just get along, guys? Think of the pitchers!

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