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Mascot massages vs. pirate proposals vs. Skyline Chili: How do Reds and Pirates fans match up?

The Reds and Pirates will face off in tonight's NL Wild Card Game, with the winner advancing to the NLDS. The two NL Central teams are evenly matched on the field, so let's compare their fanbases' style, flair and all around #FANtasking.


Round 1: Fan Signs

This assortment of signs showcases the Steel City's creativity and excellent pop culture awareness. This Reds sign is minimalist and honest -- plus, bonus points for bringing that thing to Wrigley.


Decision: Pirates. 

You had us at "FRAN-CISSS-CO."


Round 2: Jerseys

Here's a nice throwback -- a Pirates fan rocking an Andy Van Slyke jersey. Meanwhile, here's a dog wearing a Reds jersey.


Decision: Reds.

Sorry, Pittsburgh -- dogs dressed as people will always win


Round 3: Costumes

First, we have these Pirates fans dressed as actual pirates -- an excellent way to rep their favorite team. Over in Ohio, here's a group of Reds fans decked out in full Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gear:


Decision: Pirates.

We love TMNT -- don't get us wrong -- but you can't mess with Pirates fans dressed as pirates. Plus, they got engaged!


Round 4: Weirdness

These three Pirates superfans are the very definition of strange -- wigs, tie-dye, pom-poms. This is some sartorial #FANtasking if ever there was any. Also strange? Hardcourt specialist Mardy Fish receiving a massage from Mr. Red, while Mr. Redlegs claps in approval.


Decision: Reds.

Those Pittsburgh fans are having a good ole time, and there's nothing weird about that. A baseball giving a tennis player a massage? That is the paragon of weirdness.


Round 5: Food

We're going macro with this one. Pittsburgh has the famed Primanti Brothers sandwiches, pierogies and the Clark Bar. Cincy has Skyline Chili, LaRosa's pizza and Graeter's Ice Cream.


Decision: Draw.

This is literally impossible. We can't do it. If you have an opinion, leave it below and maybe you can help break the tie.

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