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Relive Elton John's two-show extravaganza at Dodger Stadium in 1975

Relive Elton John's 1975 shows at Dodger Stadium

Roughly 40 years ago, Elton John performed two sold-out concerts in Dodger Stadium. It was the first rock show in the stadium since The Beatles nearly a decade before, and it was nothing short of an extravaganza: More than 100,000 people flooded Dodger Stadium on Oct. 25 and 26 to see Elton. 

Wednesday is John's 68th birthday, and to celebrate (as well as the coming 40th anniversary of the concert), let's relive the spectacle with some of the coolest photos taken at Dodger Stadium.

He wore a sparkling custom-made "ELTON" Dodgers uniform:


Cap and all:


And he seems to be a fan of stirrup socks.


Here he is showing off his batting stance, ON TOP OF A PIANO.


And, of course, there was music:


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