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Relive Friday's absurdly wonderful 19-inning Red Sox-Yankees game in convenient tweet form

The best tweets from Friday's Red Sox-Yankees game

If you didn't have plans on Friday night, you were in luck, because the Red Sox and Yankees decided to keep you company for 19 weird, glorious, seemingly non-stop innings. Even if you did have plans, you could have watched a few innings, met up with friends, had a late dinner, remembered you left your wallet at the restaurant, decided to get a scoop of ice cream on the way home and still be home to see the last few innings of the game. That's what happens when a team plays for six hours and 49 minutes. 

To put it another way, the game that started at 7:05 p.m. ET finished after the Mets-Braves game that featured a one-hour rain delay. The Red Sox and Yankees were still playing after every West Coast game had started, finished, and everyone had gone home for the evening. 

Not that anyone knew to expect it from the start. No, this one seemed perfectly normal -- at least until Chase Headley sent the game to extra innings with a ninth-inning homer: 

But things didn't seem ominous until the 12th inning, when the lights at the stadium went out for 16 minutes. 

David Ortiz put the Red Sox up in the top of the 16th with a solo home run, but the just-turned-35-year-old Mark Teixeira tied it up

As the game moved into the wee hours, people who started the night looking for romance were probably married and divorced:

Scorecards were ruined:

TV schedules destroyed: 

In the 16th inning, even Bob Costas, baseball's poet laureate, ran out of things to say about the game. He instead devoted his time to discussing Switzerland's guinea pig laws: 

After Pablo Sandoval gave the Red Sox a lead in the top of the 18th -- only to watch Carlos Beltran tie it back up in the bottom half of the frame -- people were a little worried. After all, the scoreboard certainly seemed threatening: 

People started to get a little stir crazy: 

Sadly, once it was all over thanks to a Mookie Betts sacrifice fly in the top of the 19th, we didn't even get to see a position player on the mound. Though we came awfully close. I think everyone would have happily stuck around for one more inning to see this: 

And there was one person who didn't receive the recognition he probably deserved for seeing this one to the very end: 

The players and umps won't have long to rest, though. Since first pitch is at 1:05 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, no players were sticking around when this one was over: 

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